A total White Style, or nearly!

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 This month, I totally felt in love with the new Zara Boutique collection. Affordable prices and fashionista-deserving outfits!

In fact, I first chose to wear these spotless, wide and high-waisted white pants. And it was a great surprise to find out that kind of cutting fits every form of morphology!

Then, comes this very stylish jacket with shoulder pads and an opening on length of each sleeve, which will without a doubt let your forearms seen and will therefore stress on your sensuality.

Copyright : Max Mancini / Onelight / www.fb.com/Onelight.ch

Add metallic accessories or colored ones!


Purse, shoes, jewels…. Dare the metallic! Whether it is silver, gold or pink gold, these three tints marvelously match with a white outfit. I thus chose to wear silvery sandals and a grey metallic purse.

Copyright : Max Mancini / Onelight / www.fb.com/Onelight.ch

By the way, most of the jewels I wear are in white gold, except for the little golden ring on my left hand. Be aware that a well-balanced hint of metallic emphasizes an outfit, often” little touches” add that extra “wow”!

Copyright : Max Mancini / Onelight / www.fb.com/Onelight.ch

Now about the color, on this outfit, to rouse the white and add a touch of fun to my outfit, I chose to wear an orange-red crop top. However, if I had gone for the total white style, I would have opted for a nice necklace in red resin coral or any other summer color.

I hope you liked this article and will see you next month!

P.S: For those of you who are willing to share their impressions or just want to discover new fashion tendencies, comment this article.

See you soon,


Pants, jacket, shoes, purse, crop top: Zara.

Choker with pendant: Bulgari.

Hanging pendant, bracelet, left hand ring: Cartier.

Golden ring right hand: I’am

You can also find this article in my fashion column “La Chronique Céline”, New Sight Magazine.


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