An assumed sensuality.

The Leopard print attracts yet it is scary, often because of the vulgar connotation it suggests in our minds. The slip-up can happen quickly, due to a lack of experience or the wrong choice of materials.

Do we dare wear it as the strong piece in our outfit? Or should we suggest it through a few accessories that will be more “docile”, and can be more easily tamed…

For my part, I chose something in between.


Well yes,

today I decided to wear a pretty little black dress from Zara, it’s a real favorite of my wardrobe. I added this pretty leather jacket from Mango and this beautiful necklace that came to subtly cover my neckline and it adds a sophisticated touch to my outfit. As bag, I opted for this beautiful Stella Mccartney in autumn colors, which when folded on itself becomes instantly a pouch.

Next the shoes, which often enough change our outfits sometimes too sober or too classic.

Whether it’s a pair of sky high heels, beautiful and elegant moccasins, or a pair of ballet flats in a design a little more”Rock” you, dear readers, have a multitude of choices.

But today we are going to take on a new challenge by accepting more than ever our feminine side, through leopard print which is synonym with an assumed sensuality.

Be careful not to mix sensual and vulgar which I remind you are two very different things. To do this, prohibition to associate this beautiful print with low en materiel. The leopard print supports only “noble” fabrics.


Personally, and especially because I personally hate ballerinas, I opted again for a nice pair of high heels, Steve Madden which to my delight are, in addition to being beautiful, COMFORTABLE… Yes, yes it exists!


And you the Leopard, how about it?



JACKET : Mango

NECKLACE : Accessorize

BAG : Stella Mccartney

SHOES, high heels : Steve Madden

You can also find this article in my fashion column “La Chronique Céline”, New Sight Magazine.


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  1. I love so much the shoes!!! Want it so hard! 😍
    I also really like your articles,
    Hope to see you soon in Montreux, Switzerland!

    You are a true beauty!

  2. Cool outfit! I love the bag and shoes. I agree with you that leopard print can be synonym of an assumed sensuality. And there’s nothing wrong it.

    I think that a lot of people are too scared to try something different and be someone else, but I’m really enjoying all of your editorials and you showing off different sides of your personality. Keep going!

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