Elegance, luxury & refinement by Avakian.

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The people who read my biography will understand how happy I was when the Avakian House contacted me to be the new face of the brand in Geneva…

If you have the opportunity to walk down the beautiful streets of Geneva, I strongly encourage you to visit their boutique, Rue du Rhône 19. You will be able to see me on their screens proudly wearing several of their sumptuous pieces.

We produced an amazing video in partnership with the online magazine The Jewellery Editor to highlight multiple precious stones and diamonds meticulously set on these handmade high jewellery pieces.

Elegance, luxury and refinement are the keywords and it is impossible not to be amazed.


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Stay tuned…

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Céline Morel.

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  1. Your writing is always so positive and uplifting to read! The pieces in the collection truly are pieces of art.
    lot of love from Germany. xoxo

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