Jewelry, a world of magic.

Today I present my passion through exceptional creations.

Of course these objects are of great value and less “next door” than what I usually introduce to you. But I want to take this opportunity to share with you my passion, to make you dream and why not inspire you by giving you ideas of jewelry styles to wear.

It seems that magic does not exist, that certain “impostors” played tricks on us. That from our earliest years, we were lied to, we were recited tales that lulled us into disillusionment. What a sad reality isn’t it?

Well let me tell you a secret, it appears that real “Merlins” live among us and they are called “Jewellers”.

Everything began on the 9th of November, I went to Geneva, specifically at the Hotel des Bergues, during an auction organized by the big house “Christie’s”. Their press officer welcomed me with open arms, and presented me a multitude of ornaments, each more beautiful than the other. The room shone a thousand lights or rather a thousand pieces!
Diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies as far as the eye could see !!!
 There was, incredible mechanisms and precious stones of immeasurable size.

Accompanied by my photographer, I had the chance to try on some of these wonders.

More… In pictures :

The Icy Diamond  by De Grisogono.
– A choker necklace set with round white diamonds and its pair of earrings –
not sold


Double panther bracelet by Cartier.
– Made platinum and set with diamonds and onyx. The eyes of panthers are made of emeralds. –
Sold for $ 472,000


Emerald and diamond necklace by Boucheron. 
-made in 1955 and set with 55 carats of diamonds and 42 carats of Colombian emeralds. –
Sold for $ 1,233,000

Capture d’écran 2017-05-17 à 21.14.20

AD FLAWLESS pear diamond

– of 50.48 carat –
sold for $ 7.88 million


Capture d’écran 2017-05-17 à 21.14.44
– cushion-shaped pink diamond, 16.08 carat –
sold for $ 28.7 million

Location: four seasons, Geneva.

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  1. Definitely missed your fashion blog. So glad you’re back! !
    Loving the jewelry so much! Very classy, chic, elegant, yet subtly sexy at the same time! Can’t wait to see more about your adventures.

    Lot of love from Zurich, Switzerland. <3

  2. Céline, I love your way of writing. The way in which you express yourself is unique, you are an inspiring, talented, beautiful and intelligent women.

    And… I feel the need to thank you for sharing content with a true value. Thanks for not limiting yourself to just fashion and social media, because you have so much more to share. You write deep and transcendental words. I hope you keep discovering yourself every day and enjoying life forever.
    I love your blog, it’s always a pleasure to read it !


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