Meet Céline

As a teenager, I definitely lacked self-confidence. I was suffering from my shyness and did not recognized the image my young women’s body was sending back to me. I walked along the walls and expressed myself with whispers, avoiding the looks that landed on me.

Some of my friends had a different perception of me; and one day, one of them registered me for my very first beauty contest. Where I was elected first runner-up. It was the beginning of a great adventure that continued until 2015, when I was asked to represent my native canton, Geneva, at the National election of Miss Switzerland. During this period, I learned to love and accept myself as I am.

Several fashion agencies contacted me and I had the privilege of working with great photographers. I discovered a new profession, modeling, which led me to an international career through cities such as Washington, New York, London, Paris, Venice, Istanbul, Zurich and of course Geneva.

I very much enjoyed to traveling and was fascinated by the world of photography. Yet a void was slowly settling in me. One dimension was missing in my professional development: goldsmithing, my first passion. Before entering the world of modeling, I had graduated as a Jeweler and had decided to specialize myself in watch and jewelry design. If there is one thing I inherited from my parents, it is their unconditional love for art. My mother passed on to me her passion for fashion and design and my father his admiration for history and crafts.

Even though I was satisfied with my career as a model, I felt the fundamental need to integrate this artistic dimension in order to maintain my professional balance. Was it possible to combine my two passions? As an ambitious person, I could not bring myself to abandon one of them. This is how the concept of was born, as a full expression of my personality.
Artistic director and founder of MORELCELINE, Céline Morel collaborates with world’s elite. Model & Designer, she was chosen as the new fashion reference by New Sight Magazine, in which she had a monthly fashion column, “La Chronique Céline”.

At the request of the prestigious auction house Christie’s, Céline Morel wore the “Fancy Vivid Pink”, a 16.08 carats pink diamond sold for $ 28.7 million at an exceptional event that took place at the Hotel Four Seasons in Geneva.
Céline Morel also posed with high jewelry from Cartier, De Grisogono and Boucheron. A little later, she provided Avakian with her model skills.

Passionate about fashion, the blogger will not stop there and will be on the cover of several prestigious fashion magazines.
Céline Morel appreciates luxury and does not hide it. However, she considers it wise find a balance between branded premium products and low-end items: “It is possible to combine the two,” she says, “by associating for example a high-end accessory with an outfit found at H & M.”

If Céline Morel had to be defined in three words: passionate, ambitious and perfectionist!