What if we tried BIO make-up?

Today I address you very dear readers, who asked me for makeup tips.

First I must confess something,
If a makeup article was slow to settle on my blog it’s simply because I was not talented enough in this area and I didn’t want to advise you wrongly.
So I took a private makeup lesson with Magda, a specialist in the field and an especially great artist!
Once this problem was solved, it was only a matter of choosing which makeup trade to suggest to you.

In America and Australia there is now a brand of makeup that’s making a BUZZ!
It is: NVEY, not only is this brand affordable it’s above all BIO.


There’s nothing better currently on the market when you consider the quality/price level for keeping a beautiful skin.


Treat your skin to what it deserves!

PS: Since I was trying a natural product, I opted for every day makeup. Something that remains discreet while ensuring a good appearance and especially that gives our eyes that little extra so desired !!

Céline Morel.

I would also like to thank The SalonAiguille located in Annecy, a hairdresser where customers are pampered. The treatments provided are excellent!


– Céline MOREL –
Makeup: NVEY
Makeup artist: Magda
Location: SalonAiguille, Annecy France.

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  1. Such a beautiful pictures and of course You look amazing on every photo. The most I like Off-shoulders dress. and your makeup is absolutely on point! I love it.

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