And if, in the end, every step of my journey had been preparing me for what I ardently desired…

At certain points in our lives, we pause to reflect on the path we’ve walked, the cherished dreams, and the inspiring personalities that have illuminated our way. For me, one of these shining stars is the talented Madame Caroline Scheufele, the creative force behind the illustrious house of Chopard.

My collaboration with the prestigious magazine Polis Art has provided me with the opportunity to invite you into my world, a realm of art, fashion, and elegance where every detail is meticulously considered.

Thanks to the lens of Luigi Di Donna (from Signature Agency), I’ve been able to capture the essence of this journey. Each photograph tells a story of passion, dedication, and a quest for excellence.

As a Swiss model and influencer, I’ve had the privilege of wearing the refined jewelry creations from Chopard and donning the exquisite designs of Elmira Medins. The captivating fragrance that accompanies these images bears the signature of Guerlain.

Chopard, synonymous with timeless luxury, exceptional craftsmanship, and sustainability, holds a special place in my heart. My uncle, a talented gem-setter, has been one of my inspirations. Having worked at Chopard in Switzerland for over 20 years, he instilled in me his passion for jewelry and watchmaking. It’s largely thanks to him that I embarked on a journey, initially as a jeweler and later specializing in luxury watch and jewelry design. Seated on his lap from the age of five, I gazed through binoculars at the precious diamonds adorning Chopard’s prestigious timepieces.

Furthermore, I admire the tireless commitment of Madame Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard, who has not only propelled the brand to unparalleled heights but has also advocated for ethical practices in the jewelry industry. Her journey is a saga of success and innovation, from the Green Carpet High Jewelry collection to nature-inspired creations, all the way to iconic collaborations with the Cannes Film Festival.

As I stand here, immersed in the world of fashion and beauty, I can’t help but smile when reminiscing about the moments that have shaped me. From the spotlight during my reign as Miss Swiss Romande to representing my beloved canton of Geneva at the national Miss Switzerland competition, this experience allowed me to explore the realms of fashion and jewelry while pursuing my artistic dream and obtaining my jewelry diploma. During this journey, I concurrently pursued my studies, specializing in luxury watch and jewelry design.

Subsequently, and for several years, I traveled the world as an international model, and today, I am an entrepreneur, designer, and model all rolled into one. My journey has ultimately allowed me to merge my two passions, fashion and jewelry/watchmaking, in projects like this.

Chopard, I can’t help but dream of an exceptional collaboration where the timeless elegance of your creations would meet the spirit of someone determined to achieve what seems impossible. Madame Caroline Scheufele, your story continues to inspire me every day. Who knows, perhaps our paths are destined to cross to create something truly extraordinary…